Jinglebell Localization is a specialist provider of game localization and audio production services. A spin-off of renowned advertising and audio firm Jinglebell Communication, the company has pioneered game localization services since the early ‘90s, helping developers and publishers worldwide to release high-quality localized versions of their titles and partnering on celebrated IPs like Battlefield, Sonic, Skylanders, Warcraft and Half-Life, to name a few. Knowledge and experience accrued on hundreds of multilingual projects are the distinctive features of the Jinglebell Localization family, each Localization Manager having worked over 15 years in the field, on average, with stints at companies like EA and Sony.

Jinglebell Localization’s pool of translators is trained on state-of-the-art tools. Each member of the team is an expert on platform terminologies and multiple game genres, and translations are performed under the watchful eye of our experienced Localization Managers. Audio quality is ensured through a talented team of dubbing directors and engineers who are fully dedicated to the nuances and demands of game localization. Recordings are solely realized at selected in-country recording facilities, always performed by native speaking voice talents, with all the final audio post-production work, as well as all quality assurance tests, handled at our headquarters in Milan, Italy.


• Translation, editing and proofreading
• Native-speaking professional translators
• Transcreation and creative writing
• CAT tools support
• Linguistic quality control
• Centralized Project Management


• Pre-production and script adaptation
• Casting and talent management services
• In-country multilingual voiceover recording
• Voice director selection and briefing
• Post-production and digital sound processing
• Multilingual audio QA
• Music and sound effects creation